The value of our plan

We aim to create the right balance between our customers’ business expectations and the design and manufacture of eyewear. We feel it is our responsibility to create a product that while it is not our own, can be successful due to its tangible quality and numerous advantages.

The value of people

At Trisottica we focus on our people’s knowledge and skills, in every department, that are constantly growing and handed down over time to become our most precious asset. Constant discussion and our sharing of know-how among our expert workforce enable us to put forward effective business proposals based on practical objectives.

The value of the brand

Our work represents the Made-in-Italy with its worldwide reputation. We are dedicated to this brand as a demonstration of those uniquely Italian abilities to blend technique and talent, artisan skills with industrial know-how, good taste with ingenuity, precision with the art of inventing and re-inventing.

We render the complex simple

We at Trisottica are contractors, working in partnership with individual eyewear brands to produce complex projects for the manufacture of acetate or acetate and metal combination eyewear.
We transform our customers’ ideas into a high-value finished project with the application of precision manufacturing techniques. We assess the feasibility of the project on the basis of the business objective, bringing to bear our know-how to coming up with the best, and often unexpected production solutions, with a tendency to push even further forward because we dislike hearing that something “isn’t possible”.