What we’ve been doing since 1991

At Trisottica we manufacture acetate or metal-acetate combination eyewear for third party firms. For nearly thirty years we have been producing eyewear for those brands that best represent the Made-in-Italy ethos for which the “Italian factor” is intrinsic.
Our company consists of 5 shareholders. We manage over 100 workers in 3 production facilities turning out some 700,000 pieces of eyewear every year. Rather than mere numbers, the human factor is at the centre of our vision, enabling us to guarantee the highest quality at every stage of the eyewear production process.

Our specialist skills

Top-of-the-range labels and deluxe brands put their trust in our experience to create high-quality designs and create ever more innovative collections. We are specialists in working with acetate, with particular expertise in the bonding technique that requires deep knowledge of colours and materials and absolute precision. Our products are factory-produced but with a high artisan content. Our expert workers know how to best programme the machinery to produce the sort of detail usually only seen in handmade goods.

Our history

The name Trisottica recalls our origins. We were founded in 1991 by three entrepreneurs Antonio, Caterino and Ruggero combining their personal skills and their experience in the production of acetate to create a new company. Before long Luca joined the three to become four and in 1998 they were joined by Mario, providing us with even more business expertise, elevating our skills to new heights.
The make-up of the company has not changed since then and it has progressed maintaining the same values and the same will to succeed. This was also our belief when, in 2011, we acquired the company Vecellio based in Auronzo di Cadore enabling us to grow the amazing strengths we had already amassed and increase our production capacity.

Production facilities

We have facilities in two locations of major importance for the Italian eyewear industry. We have brought together two far-apart areas to create a cultural, human and industrial fusion that is essential for the quality of our work.

SEGUSINO: head office

We began life in the north of the Province of Treviso, in an area in which the eyewear industry flourishes. Our office in Segusino is the creative hub for ideas and strategy forming, drawing up and developing projects for the manufacture of acetate eyewear.

SEGUSINO: factory 1

The new production facility opened in 2017, right next door to head office and the closeness of these two buildings enables us to operate maximum quality control throughout the entire supply chain for the most complex phases in the manufacture of new products. Here is where we trial and make possible the most difficult processes, above all the bonding technique.

AURONZO: factory 2

The second production facility is in Auronzo di Cadore, an area with a long history in the eyewear industry. Production in this factory operates completely independently while fully maintaining our quality standards for projects whose design and planning originates at head office.