Working together, it’s the human factor that makes the difference

People are our strategic weapon in attaining the highest quality standards.
On the one hand is our expert workforce whose dedication and ingenuity transform each project into a finished product, blending manufacturing know-how with artisan skills.
On the other hand is the customer presenting us with challenging designs that drive us on to find innovative solutions, often apparently verging on the impossible.

People: our expert team

Finding solutions

By acquiring in-depth knowledge, both technical and cultural, of the product we are able to find solutions that improve the finished eyewear and meet the customer’s expectations. We all share with each other our thinking and our worries, coming up with new points of view and cooperating with the whole of the team, thus adding to our first-rate problem-solving skills.

Attention to detail

At Trisottica everyone contributes their own skills with a commitment to creating the ideal conditions for the success of each product. They work to ensure the quality of each individual item combined with a global vision of the entire process because they work with shared information. They believe in what they’re making with superb attention to detail.

Putting talent to work

Expertise consists of knowledge and skills that grow over time, driven by experience and relationships. Trisottica is home to the sort of ongoing dialogue typical of the artisan workshop, allowing talent to express itself to the full, and using practice to transform it into expertise. Our expert workers are constantly adding to their skills and passing on their knowledge.

People: our customers

The quality of a collection is built over time and is refined by brand-awareness. This is why we seek to establish a long-term relation with each of our customers in order to get close to their style and understand it to the full.
We love those choices that make us grow, but we only go ahead with sustainable projects. We build the trust of our customers who often have an osmotic relationship with us as we bring their collections to life, based on this practical principle. This is a well-tried winning strategy that generates stability in the production processes. This combined with experience enables us to try out new technical solutions that often make all the difference.