At Trisottica we believe in the most genuinely Made in Italy values, which we interpret when choosing top-quality projects, satisfying both their aesthetic and technical needs, completing them on deadline and meeting precise strategic aims. Every day we do our job, applying our artisan thinking to the needs of mass production.

Knowing what to do and how to share

Product culture

At Trisottica we have a global vision of the project made possible by our in-depth knowledge of the product and the target market. The first step is a business decision, getting to know the customer’s ideas and expectations. Then the whole team work in partnership to put together a realistic proposal. This enables customers to be certain that the proposal delivered will meet their quality and price needs.

Technical planning

Right from the analysis phase, our project-planners are capable of assessing the technical difficulties involved in creating an item of eyewear. Transforming an idea into a practical object requires a journey that cannot currently be entrusted to technology alone. Only the ingenuity of expert practitioners can find new solutions, overcome certain limitations and keep these within budget. Basically a good project plan is the one that comes closest to the customer’s imagined ideal while keeping this within the requested price band.


We aim for high-quality production. We have a strong team of talented people who know how to make the best use of their knowledge and skills and of our technology. Our ability to manufacture the product in bulk but with great care enables us to produce large quantities without compromising their immense artisan value. Constant improvement of our production processes enables us to react promptly to market demands.